"Franca's sure hand, gentle presence, and keen intuition cleared and balanced my work and living space so that I once again feel at home.  I highly recommend her services!"

Martin McDermott, author, Speak with Courage

"Working with Franca was unexpectedly easy and affordable.  While she has advanced experience and qualifications in the practice of Feng Shui, she has a very gentle way of communicating.  The analysis she provides is thorough and professional while still easy to understand and implement. I recommend Franca as an advisor to all who are open or even curious about applying  Feng Shui principles to their environments."

Theresa Ogando, Ogando Partners


"The work that Franca does is amazing! When we moved into our new house the energy just didn’t feel right and we found ourselves avoiding certain rooms. We also were experiencing more mishaps than usual which seemed very odd. We didn’t know what to do and weren’t sure we could continue living in this house. Then I came across Franca’s information and I knew I should reach out to her. Her energy was so calm and reassuring and I knew I had done the right thing. She performed the space clearing and within days we noticed a significant difference. The space definitely felt “lighter” and the rooms we previously avoided were no longer a problem. Life seemed to flow with more ease. I highly recommend Franca and her work and would not hesitate to use her services in the future!"

            Maria Santisi