STROLL Through ITALY: 3 - Part Series: South

Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy or just love the country, you will love these classes. Get transported to this mesmerizing land for the evening.

Roam through the regions of Italy and explore what each of them have to offer. Learn when is the best time to go to a specific place. You may be surprised as to how many faces and flavors Italy has!

This series is broken up into three classes:

Class 1 : Northern Italy
Class 2 : Central Italy
Class 3 : Southern Italy

Take one or take all three .... it all depends on your interests.

In Class 3, Southern Italy, stroll through these regions: 


  • Abruzzo ~ Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

  • Molise ~ Bet you don’t know anything about this beautiful region!

  • Campania ~ Such an explosive land!

  • Calabria ~ A must see!

  • Basilicata ~ Great for canoeing, scuba diving, sailing and more!

  • Puglia ~ Let’s eat some olives on the beach and visit the original Santa Claus :) ~ Puglia: The Next Tuscany ~ This Italian South East region is a rising star in tourism. So different from Tuscany, Puglia offers visitors another layer of culture, cuisine, and climate of Italy. That’s why it’s being called the next Tuscany. Come see what it has to offer.

  • Sicily ~ More than just a cannoli and a gun!

  • Sardinia ~ Oh, James Bond knows it so well ;)



Sunday, March 22, 2020    

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The Enchanted Cottage
7 Allen Place
Red Bank, NJ 07701  

$25.00 per person

Take all three classes : $60.00 per person

Registration required. Contact Franca at or 732.687.0128