Organizing can really be a tough thing to do by yourself. If you have help, you can be encouraged, creative, and determined! With remote face-to-face time, you can start getting organized!




The SORTING-OUT SESSIONS: SPECIAL PACKAGE was designed to make reaching your goals as gently as possible. Though, you do have to be committed or else your time and money will not be well spent. Whether you want to get a grip on your tool shed, basement, garage, or the whole house, SORTING-OUT SESSIONS can help you create a plan that can work for you. Achieve results and get the feeling of accomplishment!




Normally, the SESSIONS are $40 per hour. However, with the SPECIAL PACKAGE, you get a total of five (5) hours of session time (video-chats or calls) to utilize in the best way for you. For instance, one might want to have a daily 20-minute call; one might prefer a weekly 30-minute call.  You decide! At the first meeting, we create a personalized strategy, defining next actions, and mutually agree upon a plan.






SORTING-OUT SESSIONS: SPECIAL PACKAGE with SPECIAL PRICING! : 5-Hour Package =  (US$ 200.00)    US$160.00 


Offer expires April 30, 2021. (You do not have to use up all your hours before then. You just need to get on the schedule by that date.)


For more information, please contact me directly at (1) + 732.687.0128 or