9 Things To Do For The Chinese New Year

This Friday, February 12th 2021 is the Chinese New Year : The Year of the Metal Ox. Here are a few things to do, that that I hope you find achievable, in order to invite prosperous energy and gratitude to your life.

1) Get a New Door Mat

When was the last time you got a new door mat? How many feet do you think might have wiped their shoes on it? ( OK ... well, maybe not that many this past year.)

Door mats hold a lot dirt and stagnant energy that can inhibit healthy and wealthy vitality. Getting a new one can be a metaphor for welcoming new and lively energy into your space. Don't have extra funds right to spend? No worries. Washing and cleaning your existing mat works also. Consider more about the intention ... but, of course, who wouldn't want a clean door mat?


2) Get Rid of 9 Things

Getting rid of items in your space allows room for new opportunities. Though, the key is not to fill that space with something else. Leave it opened. And, you don't have to pick large items. It could be that you get rid of a pair of shoes and a shoe box; or books you no longer want; or that knick-knack you hate to dust.


3) Wear Something New

For the first few days before and after the 12th, wear something new to attract new and good things into your life. It could be a pair of socks, underwear, or even just a plain white T-shirt.


4) Paint Something

If you have a painting project, doing it within the first 30 days of the New Year is great. Again, it's a metaphor of newness. And, it doesn't have to be an entire room. Maybe you were thinking about putting a new coat of paint on a piece of furniture. Or, maybe it's just about painting a planting pot your favorite color. No matter what it is, remember to clean up after you are finished.


5) Get 9 Mandarin Oranges

Based on a real ancient tradition, keep 9 mandarin oranges in a bowl on your table and counter. After the 12th, eat one of day. Mandarin oranges represent gold and wealth.


6) Dust Everything

Wipe down everything in your space. This could be the start of spring cleaning. Especially, wipe down furniture and your desk (home and office). It's amazing how much dust can collect everywhere! Getting rid of the old dust is another metaphor for inviting new opportunities. (However, according to ancient tradition, if one is pregnant, it is best not removing the dust under the bed where the pregnant woman sleeps.)


7) Create Cut Out Words

Write or cut out auspicious words out of paper. Place them where you can see them often: bedroom closet door, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, etc. These words have to resonate with you and display what you want in the new year, such "Joy", "Wealth" "New Job", "Good Health", etc.


8) Make a Donation

Donate some money. By making a small donation to your local church, food bank, animal shelter, police or firefighter organization helps to spread abundance throughout your community. Again, if money is really tight, maybe you could donate a few cans of soup? There is an ancient saying, " Give away what you want to keep."


9) Smile More and Remember to Be Grateful

As the New Year approaches focus on the good in our lives. Let's remind ourselves of the positive and happy things we want to grow. Keep mindful of all the times that you can smile, even if you are by yourself. When you wake up, remember to smile. Before you start your car, look into the rearview mirror and smile. If someone cuts you off on line in the grocery, try to smile :)  The more energy we put towards something, the more it grows ... either negatively or positively.


Many Blessings,

Franca Giuliani