Design Surveys

Are you designing a new room or office space and want to make it meaningful and special? Don't know how to start?


Does something not feel right in your space where you live or work? And, you just can’t put or finger on it.                         

Stuck or need change?                                        

In the market for a new home or property? 


I can help!




Structures, flow patterns, fabrics and colors can really make a difference in the overall constitution of a space.  By focusing differently on our space- interior and exterior environments – we can get insight as to the affect the space has on individuals.


Only then we can see if we need to change things.


It could just be creating a different furniture layout, re-positioning a rug, changing a few colors, or maybe having to do even more.



In a Residential or Commercial Site Design Survey or a Floor Plan Analysis, design concepts, feng shui principles, and common sense are all applied to help you see and hear the voice of the space … thus to help understand what is beneficial and what needs to change. Learning the relationship between our space and us helps to understand what is happening ... subtlety.



This can be such a breath of fresh air as it can give new insight, which in turn can be a catalyst for change ... simple or intense ... but change nonetheless. 

This can help many ….

Before sitting down with an architect, get valuable insight into the full potential of your space.



At least hear what I have to say before finalizing your plans.



This can help you give your client personal insight and decide on the best colors, shapes, and materials for that individual.



It’s another added value to staging.


Business Owner
Nuances in your space may affect your business, and making even the most subtle change can help harness prosperity.



For more information and pricing, please contact me, Franca, directly at (+1) 732.687.0128