Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing



Many of us are still staying home, while some of us may have started to venture out. Either which way, I am quite sure that this situation has taken - and still is - taking a toll on us .... and of course.... on the energy of the home itself.


If you are still feeling sluggish, having a hard time focusing and accomplishing tasks, OR .... maybe the air just feels so "HEAVY", perhaps your space could really use a clearing to refresh and polish it - bringing it back to a clear and balanced state. 



Because of receiving so many requests and positive feedback,  the Special Price for a Remote Clearing is again being offered :


US$ 66.00 for each home/office/address


(normally it starts at US$ 150.00)


Interested? Please book as soon as you can. Currently, appointments are being scheduled around the third week of September.


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Need more information or don't have PayPal (other payment options are available)?

Contact me directly at or (1) 732.687.0128


Offer expires October 1, 2020.



  • Energetic charges that are trapped may hind potential growth and perhaps even cause phyiscal ailments. Through, clearing, charges can be released and allow for new opportunities.


  • Over time these charges accumulate both in our space and in our personal energy fields. The process of clearing allows you to start living in a clean, clear environment, both inside and out.


  • Space clearing releases any earth energies that might be adversely affect occupants, such as fatigue, confusion, and lack of ambition.


  • Personal clearing is beneficial, because it can shift energy and release blockages that may inhibit an individual from expanding possibilities.


  • It is always suggested to have your space cleared, especially if you are moving into a new home or office, or after a traumatic event. Also, it is advised to have a clearing on an annual basis, since earth energies build up again after time.