Feng Shui for Architects


Feng Shui Energizes Every Architectural Design

By understanding the potential of a property and space based on the principles of Feng Shui, a time honored Chinese discipline to understand and harness the powers of Nature, an architect can create a plan with the greatest potential for success, harmony and balance for its inhabitants, regardless of its architectural style.


Feng Shui Offers Architects a Competitive Edge

Feng Shui is a discipline based on fundamental principles of how to create a harmonious existence within a space. Because of its holistic approach, it looks at many different ways to create or enhance environments. Feng Shui offers tools for architects, designers and builders that make plans truly distinctive.


Five Ways to Make a Good Architectural Plan Better with Feng Shui

  1. Consider Feng Shui in the beginning of the creative process to discover and maximize all potential options
  2. Assess land and water patterns, road and traffic flows, and the flow of vital energy throughout the site and buildings to enhance the potential for success and good health
  3. Understand the impact of compass directions and orientation, room placement, and the overall configuration of a site, to uncover the most effective design for that particular space
  4. Utilize the potential of directional force when plotting a house
  5. Design entrances, corridors, stairs and other connectors to achieve the most favorable flow


Franca Giuliani Offers a Full Array of Consulting Services for Architects

  • Primer lectures to jump-start the process
  • Consultation before creating blueprints
  • Review of existing blueprints
  • Supervision from land surveying to final construction