It's not easy to get organized. How do you start? How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? I bet just thinking about it makes you already so tired. 


Achieving the "a Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place" can be daunting, and it can make one think that it's impossible to achieve. 


Need Help? 

I can work with you to help reduce/discard "stuff" wherever it is located: 


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Whatever needs to be done can be done .... it's a matter of a commitment to getting it done. And, I will remind you of your commitment! Some of you may need just a little push, some may need written instructions, and some may need a lot of help. It's all good.  There are so many different ways that I can help you. Here's a few: 




We meet to discuss the situation and next steps. Together we mutually agree how best to proceed ... usually either with SORTING-OUT SESSIONS or DAY SESSIONS.




If you just need guidance, SORTING-OUT SESSIONS are the way to go. Usually, they occur via video chat or phone and can last from a half hour to an hour. We check on your progress. I provide direction and assign homework. Depending on how large the task is, the SORTING-OUT SESSIONS would be either once week or once every two week. Together we decide. 





DAY SESSIONS are great if you need a little hand holding. This is done in-person where I come to the location and work with you side-by-side on your specific needs. We will go through stacks of paper, boxes of things, bags of clothes, and address anything that needs to get organized. A SESSION is approximately 5 hours (usually 11AM - 4PM). Sometimes only one is needed ... sometimes not. 





For more information and pricing, please contact me, Franca, directly at (+1) 732.687.0128