Lets Clear Things Up

Lately, I am finding that using one or more modalities collectively is the most successful way to harmonize a space.  Therefore, when I am working with a space I acknowledge its feng shui, I acknowledge the occupants’ 9 Star Ki, and I space clear.

Space clearing allows one to tune into the space and release any charges or disturbances that are caused from either earth energies, metaphysical issues, or technological reasons. It allows for the space to become clear and balanced, thus providing greater benefits to occupants. One of my teachers said it best, “Applying feng shui adjustments to any space without clearing it first is like putting fresh flowers in dirty water.”

The space where we reside holds much more than what we can see with our eye. Did you ever wonder what was on the land where your home is 200 years ago?  Was it a place of battle?  Are there geological fault lines running through your bedroom? Was there once a family’s prairie house right where your living room and kitchen are? What did someone experience while in this space? Is there anything left from previous occupants that might be affecting you today?

Space clearing can address these issues and balance the space for better harmony for the current occupants and even future ones. I hope to write more about this topic in the near future. However, feel free to contact me directly with any questions at franca@francagiuliani.com.  I’m finding that the more I talk about this topic, more people are interested in discovering revealing questions about their own space.

If you want to start stirring up the energy in your space, move one item each day for nine days. You will, of course, want to pick a different object for each of the nine days. For instance move an end table or chair to another spot in the room; move a potted plant elsewhere. Do you have a pile of books that can be moved? You don’t even have to go through the pile, just move it. The bigger the item and the farther it is moved the more impact you may realize. Remember it doesn’t have to stay there forever, you can move it back to its original place after it has been somewhere else for nine days.  

This activity symbolizes your awareness to your space, which will then help you acknowledge what is in your space, and ultimately allowing you to accept or not accept what you see. So stir things up!  It will make a difference!