What is Your Intention?

Recently someone asked me if I really believe that feng shui works. Well, I had to laugh, because I think they're missing the entire point of feng shui. Yes it works. In essence, it works for better or for worse, because feng shui is the relationship between our environment and us. Our inner disposition is revealed within our external realm. We're attracted to our space for one reason or another, and it will suit us for that given time in our life.

For example, if you find yourself in a chaotic space, it's most likely because you can only operate in that frequency at this point in time.

How can we use feng shui to help us?

For starters, we have to be aware of it. We consciously have to address what's going on within ourselves and within our space.

That's when intention comes into the game. When working with feng shui, one of the most important things you need is intention, or else anything you do will not have the anchor it needs to activate necessary change.

So, start asking yourself what is your true intention.

Franca Giuliani - Environmental Advisor