Do It!

After a very long Winter, Spring tries to push itself onto the scene just like the first daffodil of the season trying to blossom straight through all of the dead foliage of last year.

At this time of the year, I always think about the I Ching trigram, Thunder. This trigram refers to the East and represents the power of "Thunder" and possibilities of "New Beginnings." It also relates to our "Elders and Ancestors." Therefore, if you’re smart listen to the advice any elders in your life are telling you these days. Their wisdom may be very beneficial you.

This time brings great uprising energy, so this is the time to be active. If you were thinking about it, it is a wonderful time to start renovating your space. Join the gym you were contemplating to join, or just try that new restaurant you have been thinking about trying. The point is to "do".

Here are some "Must Do's”:

  • Sweep-through of your whole space. Yes, literally sweep the floors, clean the windows, and open them even for a little while. Hopefully, it has warmed up also where you live.
  • If there is any personal unfinished paperwork, finish it. Is there a phone call you have to make? Do you have to update an online account? Should I ask if you filed your taxes?… etc.
  • Since the Thunder trigram relates to the element of wood, check to see if there are enough plants in your space. If there aren’t get one or two, or at least keep some fresh flowers around for this month.
  • Stripes patterns are a characteristic of the wood element, so think about wearing stripes this time of year.

All this can help you prepare for any new beginnings that are to come your way and help remove any stagnant energy that might be in the space. For your homework this month, respect your elders and make things happen.