9 Tips to Turn a Sofa into a Guest Bedroom






Hospitality. According to an online dictionary the actual meaning of hospitality is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Now, sometimes hospitality can be a stressful endeavor. However, this concept is a very important one. It relates to the I Ching’s trigram, Heaven. Among many other attributes, this trigram is associated with the direction of the North West. It also represents the support we have in this world. Do we have guides and helpers? Do we have a network of friends?

Cultivating and maintaining a solid, sincere circle of friends is crucial to a healthy life. If they are true, friends should give us strength, laughs, and compassion.

OttomanAnd…sometimes they need to sleep over.

Not all of us have the luxury of having a designated guest room, but you don't need one to be a good host. All you need is a sofa to re-purpose and some creativity to design a pleasant night's stay.

Here are 9 easy steps, with a feng shui flare, that can help give your guest a five-star hotel experience.

  1. Use a storage ottoman to keep guest sheets, extra pillows, and other necessary items. Keep in mind you don’t have to buy a storage ottoman. Make one by decorating a sturdy cardboard box.
  2. WaterThe storage ottoman/box can then be turned into a night stand.
  3. Hand cream on the converted night stand is a luxurious additive.
  4. Offer water for the night’s rest. A bottle of water is fine, but the traditional water glass and carafe set can be an interesting detail.
  5. Supply a current magazine or a book of short stories in case your guest needs something to read before going to sleep.
  6. A night light may be necessary, so one can read or walk around when needed. A simple flash light might just do the trick.
  7. AromatherapyPlace a floor mat by the sofa. In the morning, your guest can place his or her feet first on the mat while searching for slippers.
  8. Spray the sheets with an aromatherapy mist. Mary Fairy Angels mists are my favorite misters.
  9. Familiar with the quintessential mint chocolate on the pillow? House guests tend to not expect this. If they get one, they may also get a chuckle out of it.

For your homework this month: Invite a friend to sleep over and create your own hospitality experience. Just remember not to make your guest TOO comfortable, because he or she may never want to leave.

Sleep well.