Cast Positive Words into Your Future

Many times a client will call me for a consultation, because they feel stuck. They may be uncertain as to what to do next, or they just may not have any sense of motivation. And, in most cases it is very obvious to “see” this “feeling” in their space. Whatever is happening within us usually shows up in our environment one way or another. We just may not see it.

It is alway important to address our stuck-ness. Yes, we may be very busy, so we may be distracted as to what is really going on with us. Mark my words, if you have stuck-ness and do nothing abou it, you will still have stuck-ness.

I encourage you to acknowledge your existing situation. You may not understand it. You maybe not know exactly what is wrong or what to do about it. That’s Ok. Just acknowledge how you feel. Then, cast positive words into your future. Again, don’t even think about how you are going to make it better. Just try to realize something that isn’t working for you anymore, and think of positive affirmations. For instance, if you worry too much, you may want to affirm, “I worry no more. I graciously accept the challenge.” Another example is saying, “I am bored. I shall not be bored anymore.” This just helps you acknowledge something that maybe you have not been addressing. Before we can start making changes, we first need to see that a change is necessary. Then, you can start working on what to do about it.

May I make another suggestion? Whenever there is a new moon, it is always a good time to start something new.  This is the perfect time to acknowledge what you choose to acknowledge. Write it down. Place it somewhere where you will not forget where it is, so you will remember to address it.

From a design perspective, keep these points in mind:

  • Get rid of any furniture that you have been meaning to get rid of
  • Definitely fix or replace anything that is broken
  • If renovation or redesigning, really think about what you want. Don’t hold back. If you want to turn your kitchen into a Tuscany country house, do it.
  • If you are buying that new bedspread and really want to get something with a splash, go for it.

These are just a few examples that can help you start getting unstuck, as well as prevent you from getting stuck in the first place. Remember to always fill your space with things that inspire you.