February 2013 - Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of the Black Snake!

On February 10th we have the new moon and the Chinese New Year.
Welcome to 2013, the year of the Black Snake!

Depending on your own animal sign, the Year of the Snake will treat you differently. However, in general it offers steady progress and the need to keep attention to the details. Having discipline and keeping focus this year will help you reach or goals.

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • In the beginning of the year, you may not feel so grounded, because movement is on its way. It’s OK, just work with it.
  • Again, keep your eye on details. Make sure to read all the fine print before signing documents. And, keep up with details in your space.
  • Use the Snake’s sneaky energy to work on your behalf. When necessary, look for loopholes.
  • Wearing the color black more often through the year can help honor the black Snake.
  • If you are doing any construction or renovations, it is best not to start the project in the South East. If it is must, then start work in the North West.
  • Take a look at the center of your home and the center of each of your rooms. Keep them clear, organized, and clutter-free especially for this year.
  • It is always recommend to have your space energy clearing at least once a year.

On the actual day of the New Year, Feb 10th, you may want to wear something red, eat oranges, write down your intentions for the upcoming year and have fun. So, for your homework this month, enjoy the transition!

Be well.