February 2014 - It's Time to Click It!

Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of the Green Wood Horse

In Nine Star Ki, 2014 is also a 4-Wind year, therefore, this can be a very active and fast moving year. The Horse's intelligence and leadership, along with the power of Wind, can really guide you toward your goals and destination.

Take advantage of this energy! If there is something that you have been wanting to do, change, or experience, put it on your schedule and make a plan. The infamous "maybe someday" is now. Remember, if something is not written down, then it doesn't exist. If there is a language you would like to learn, go online and get information on study options. If you've been wanting to visit a specific place, check your budget and see if that can happen. Always wanted a rescue pet? They can't wait another day. Go for it!

I hope you see the theme here; In order to get your bearings and start making slight shifts in your life, you have to first do one thing. Start!

Need a jump start? To help redesign your life, I'm teaching a 4-class series in Cape May, New Jersey (click here.) You can take all four classes or just one. Live too far from Cape May? Think about making it a weekend get-away.

If you can't get to Cape May, New Jersey, I can come to you! Contact me directly for requirements to host a class in your area (and I do commute out of New Jersey.)

So, for now I leave with your homework for this month: Start something! AND, I want you to share it with me. Email me. Let me know what you've started. Your information will not be shared with anyone. I just hope to be part of your cheering squad.

Many blessings...