The Color of Red

Happy New Year!

And, I am happy to say that there is an initial class schedule posted my website. I am looking forward to having an exciting year of what I hope you think are interesting classes. 

Well, last month I said that I would save Red for January…so, here it is! With all the New Year festivities, the color Red has been used a lot. But, have we ever really thought about its meaning?

The Chinese associates it with auspiciousness and good luck. (And, just to note: their New Year has not arrived yet.) Red sends a message of happiness, strength and warmth. It is fire. It is fame. It is an honor to walk on the Red carpet. To celebrate, ones will “paint the town Red”. 

As the color of blood, Red represents the flow of life in our bodies. Red is a deep affirmation of life, and when we use it in space we are making that statement. However, keep in mind it can be over-powering. Red can agitate and is often associated with danger. Red means “Stop”. Brake lights are Red. Fire equipment is painted Red. If a business is in the “Red”, it is losing money.

Nonetheless, Red ignites activity and intention. Play with a little Red this month, and see where you can add some of it in your space. Place a beautiful Red pillow on a chair. Can you cover a lamp or light bulb with a red mask to change the color of the light? And, as you do this, keep in mind your intentions for 2012. This will help your anchor them in your thoughts.  

Based on 9 Star Ki astrology, for the month of January, the center of your space is even more powerful. Especially, for this month, make sure your center is clear and clutter- free. Also, spark things up in that area to help with prosperity. Adding light there is ideal.  Avoid any major renovations in the South East portion of your home and property. 

 That’s it for now. Have a wonderful January!