Here in the United States, the fourth of July is a day of great reverence as we celebrate our nation’s independence. We are grateful.

Sometimes it takes a special holiday to remind us to be grateful. Normally, how often do we go through an ordinary day realizing all the things we are grateful for? Feeling the emotion of gratitude is very important, because it can really help our perspective on life. Remember I always say that everything is energy. Well, the emotion of gratitude has a very high energetic vibration. The higher your energy vibrates the better health and happiness you can enjoy.  

Awhile back, I asked one of my clients to walk me around her home and show me what she is grateful for or what illustrates gratitude. I think it was one of the toughest things she ever had to do. Needless to say, I gave her an incomplete for the assignment. Then, I tried a different approach. I asked her to show me objects that she is ungrateful for or depict ungratefulness. Apparently, that was an easier project for her. She quickly grabbed my hand with enthusiasm and dragged me to her bedroom. With an utter look of a vengeance, she pointed to her nemesis: her alarm clock. She then proceeded to tell me how much she hated that alarm clock. She hated how it looked, and more importantly she hated, and was very “ungrateful”, for the buzzer sound it makes. “But, it’s an alarm clock. I need it. What can I do?” she said.

“There’s a lot you can do,” I replied. (That’s when I also realized for this particular client it was not a matter of making a lot of changes but at least one of the most important ones. This would get her started.) Together we did some research and found the perfect alarm clock for her. It has a choice of four light color displays (red, blue, yellow, and green), along with four choices of alarm sounds: actual ocean waves crashing on the beach, a bonfire of crackling wood, night critters sounds, and—both of our favorites—birds chirping in the early morning. So, depending on how she was feeling, she could choose what color and sound she could wake up to.

About a month later, my client called me to say that she truly feels differently in the morning. Week after week, waking up to a beautiful sound and color had really changed her perspective. She no longer minds waking up to an alarm clock, because it is no longer “alarming” for her. She is grateful.

So, your homework for this month: Increase the emotion of gratitude in your space. Walk around your home and your office. If you can’t find something you are truly grateful for, make a mission to add something that will remind you of gratitude.  Look for something that really bothers you – and change it!

  • How’s your alarm clock?
  • Does an empty wall bother you? Get a beautiful wall hanging that will remind you of gratitude.
  • Do you need to replace that tattered pillow on the sofa?  How about getting one with an affirmation written on it?
  • How about your coffee mug? Are you grateful for how it holds your coffee?
  • Be creative and increase the physical presences of gratitude in our space for better health, happiness, and joy. And, more importantly, be grateful during the process.

With gratitude to our soldiers and their families.