May I Use Your Bathroom?

How do you feel about your bathroom? Do you like it? Do you find it comfortable? Is it inspiring?  What is your first reaction when you enter it?

Your bathroom is a very important space. It supports you in the morning as you get ready to face the world, and it sooths you as you prepare for your night’s rest. It symbolizes our self-worth and is directly associated to our finances, because the movement of water relates to wealth.  

Here are some important tips for the bathroom:

  • Innately, bathrooms tend to be very yin. Make them brightly lit and cheery.
  • Bathrooms should be clean, clutter-free and as opened and airy as possible.
  • Keep everything in it functioning. Dripping faucets can be a metaphor of money leaking out. Make sure your toilet works properly and definitely keep the toilet seat down to minimize draining chi.
  • Your main mirror should be very clear, expansive and not interrupted. This will give you a powerful, undistorted view of yourself and will help you with self-esteem and encouragement. If your mirror is too small or if you have more than near each other, subconsciously it can give you a feeling of meekness and uncertainly.
  • Have plants wherever possible, as the plants balance the excess water. If you cannot find a sturdy plant and want to use artificial ones, pick silk plants. Stay away from plastic and dried flowers.
  • Add uprising chi wherever possible: things that are tall, tree plants, long stripes, column-esque shapes, the color green.
  • If your bathroom does not have a window, use more mirrors and imagery of outdoor trees, plants, flowers. Landscapes are wonderful, because they add depth to the space.

Go sort out your bathroom!