March 2013 - How Much Would You Pay For a Grudge?

Did anyone ever do something to you, and then your immediate internal response was, “Oh yeah! I can’t believe he/she did this to me. I’ll show them. I won’t ever talk to them again. I will ignore them!” And, that mental chatter would continue as we walk around all day long. It gets even louder if there is an item in your space that is connected to that person. So, every time you look at that item, there goes that mental chatter again. I am sure we all have experienced this at least once in our life, probably much more but we probably won’t admit it.

We may not realize how much holding onto this negative energy, and letting it fester, affects our physical being. To mention just a few, continuing to harbor negative thoughts can cause you to not sleep well, get irritated quite quickly, and lose patience. Then, it can lead to headaches, pains within the body, and even the occasional twitching. Our days become more tiring, less energetic, and less productive for use. And, I can continue, but I think you get the idea. In essence, the “I’ll show them” syndrome becomes the “Look what I am doing to myself” illness. Yes, grudges can be very expensive.

Now, I am not saying that if someone does something unjust or unfair to you that you should just accept it. But, you need to decide how much and for how long after the fact will you allow this person’s actions to continue doing the unjust or unfair thing to you. How many times will you let that awful argument replay itself? How many times will you repeatedly play out getting fired?

For March you may want to think about if there are any grudges for which you are flipping the bill. These tips may help:

  • Take a walk around your space and look at the items around you. Do you resonate with any of them negatively, and does it remind you of someone?
  • Based on feng shui principles, our hallways represent communication. Check them out to see if they are cluttered or blocked. Cleaning up and making way can help you communicate better with others and with yourself, hence helping clean up any miscommunications you may be dealing with in your life.
  • On the flip-side, are your hallways too bare and seem unloved? Is there a place to hang a beautiful picture or affirmation statement? Not tending to our hallways could be a metaphor for us not addressing communication in our lives.

Remember, holding a grudge will only hurt you more, and most of the time the person you have the grudge with doesn’t even know it.

Until next month!

Be well.