October 2012 - Time to Travel

In my path I have met only a few people who hate traveling. In general I find that most people like it. Personally, I think traveling is a very important factor of life. It gives us a chance to learn new things, meet new people, and think of great ideas - all which can enrich our lives very much.

In feng shui, the qua that represent this energy is found in the North West: Helpful People and Travel. It refers to the Heaven trigram and Father energy of a family, and it is associated with the number 6.  This is a very powerful qua that emulates authority, control and soaring possibilities. Having the element of metal, items with round shapes and grays and whites in the North West of your home, even the North West of a room, can be very beneficial for enhancing its forces.

Since it also represents travel and mentor support, it is important to have in this space symbolism of travel and symbolism of people or guides that inspire you.

And, yes here is another opportunity to be creative. For instance;

  • If a bathroom falls in this area, consider using a world map motif as a shower curtain; start collecting soaps from hotels you may stay and use them as decor
  • If a kitchen falls in this space, you may want to enhance it with cook books for different countries and ethnic foods
  • If this is where your living room is located, there is so much you can do! Add an ottoman made of Moroccan fabric, or an item found in a Tuscan country house… just make sure you pick things from places that you love
  • No matter what room it is, adding something that represents your guides or people you admire is wonderful. Perhaps frame one of their quotes.

Now, if your space is missing this qua, do not fret! Adjustments can be made. If you can work from the outside, add a lawn ornament such as a statue of an angel or spiritual guide at the corner point where the space gets squared off. From the inside, add mirrors on the surrounding walls to symbolically push back the space. And, where possible, use the element metal, greys and whites, and any item that represents travel.

Interestingly enough, based on 9 Star Ki astrology, 2012 is a 6 year. And, this October is a 6 month…therefore, making it a very powerful time to address the North West of your space.

Your homework for this month: Go sort out your sixes, and start traveling within your space.

Be well.