Everything Does Not Always Have To Be New

I bet all of us love new things. And, from time to time we all need new things: new shoes, a new car, a new sofa, and sometimes even a new life. There’s always a great energy surrounded by getting rid of the old and replacing it with something fresh and new.

Though, let us not be so quick to get rid of “all” the old stuff, which may also include old memories, old stomping grounds, and old family members. As long as these things trigger fond feelings and are pleasantly familiar to us, they can give us a true sense of being grounded and supported, especially in a world that can be so scary.

On a recent business trip to Italy, I was able to enjoy some of my own old stuff that really gives me a sense of origin and security: Waking up at my aunt’s place to the sound of Vespas speeding down the street, bumping into my cousins at the local weekly market and finding out who is dating who, checking to see if the chickens at my aunt and uncle’s farm laid any eggs during my visit, and walking by the grounds of the 12th century castle where I use to play when I was a kid.

All of these moments quickly brought me back to my fabulous childhood summers. For me, these are perfect examples how old stuff can really be kind of cool. Of course, this is not permission to keep your clutter and maintain relationships with people with whom you don’t want to. But, the point that I am trying to make is that there is space in your life for some of the old good stuff, just as long as it gives you comfort.Camera

If you really love your aunt’s water jug but do not use it, well... keep it. Then give it another occupation. Don’t get rid of it, because it’s old and useless. Don’t make it clutter. Turn it into a centerpiece, or use it as a vase. Do something with it, and cherish it.

For this month take a look at all your old stuff, both tangible and intangible. Start deciding what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. If old pictures do not suit you anymore, maybe it’s time to recycle. If that old coffee table you inherited from your uncle no longer makes you smile, maybe you should start thinking about finding it a new home.

If you have relics that really give you joy and make you smile, consider placing them in the East part of your home, or the New Beginnings gua (depending on which school of feng shui you follow). This is the place where we can honor our elders, our ancestors, and our family. Here is where the “Old” can help us with our “New”. And, let’s cherish that too.