September 2012 - Why Not Be Blue?

This September started with the reminiscence of a blue moon (which occurred on August 31st). For those of you who may not know, a blue moon is the second occurrence of a full moon in the same month. Some also say it is the fourth moon to appear in season. Now, the moon is not actually blue, so why do they call it that? There are few different stories. The oldest one I found was because of a way to describe something so absurd that it would not happen, “That will happen when the moon turns blue.” And, of course, we eventually got the phrase, “once in a blue moon”. In any case, a blue moon is considered having powerful and magical energies.

In honoring this moon, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about what the color BLUE actually means, and how we can use it in our space and lives for better harmony.

Based on a feng shui perspective, BLUE is associated with the North East/Knowledge & Self-Cultivation and the East/Family & Health. Really DARK BLUES (almost black) relate to the North/Journey & Career. SKY BLUE is associated with the South/Illumination.

Yes, BLUE is associated with sadness and melancholy; “I feel so blue”, or “I have the blues”. However, in feng shui, BLUE illustrates calmness, peace, tranquility and introspection. Therefore, it is used quite often in bedrooms (certain shades of GREEN can also work) to help with sleep. It can be used where people convene, such as offices, to help avoid conflict. Keep in mind, though, that everyone relates to color differently; therefore, someone with “low” energy may feel lethargic and sad if there is too much BLUE in their space.

BLUE also represents trust and loyalty. It is a very sincere color. From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. Since, BLUE gives off a sense of order, it is also a great color for storage areas and work and work spaces. In general, BLUE is idealistic, helps with self-expression and our ability to communicate better. It inspires higher ideals.

Here are some more specific meanings of the variations of BLUE:

Pale Blue: inspires creativity and the freedom to break free

Sky Blue: inspires selfless love and fidelity; non-threatening; helps overcome obstacles; universal healer

Azure Blue: inspires determination, ambition to achieve, strive for goals

Dark Blue: implies knowledge, power, and integrity

So, your homework for this month is to walk around your space and see where BLUE may serve you well. Do you need to maybe paint a wall BLUE in the family room? Does your office need BLUE? Or do you just need some BLUE flowers on the table. Perhaps next time the whole family comes over for dinner you may want to consider using BLUE paper dishes. That may help tone down family discussions….especially if my Italian family comes over.

Until next month, be well.